Company Background

Athens Research & Technology Inc. has been purifying human proteins and developing polyclonal antisera to those proteins since 1986. We specialize in highly pure, highly active human proteins. We routinely purify serine proteases, protease inhibitors, neutrophil enzymes, apolipoproteins, lipoproteins, platelet proteins, transferrins, immunoglobulins, and more. Researchers around the world have been purchasing these research reagents from us for more than twenty-five years. You'll see our products referenced in major scientific publications in studies of inflammation, coronary disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, and so on.

We also isolate proteins from animal sera and tissue.

Our products are used by leaders in the international diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry as components in vitro diagnostics and immunoassay kits, as well as in cell culture media, including media for the support of stem cells. Athens Research and Technology’s proteins are also used in proof-of-concept studies by researchers developing biotherapeutics.

We offer quality, dependable products and exceptional customer service. We purify what we sell. We look forward to your business.

If you need custom research services, you will find Athens Research & Technology, Inc. is able to provide the unusual reagents your project requires. Athens Research and Technology, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and relocated in 2010 to a new 11,000 square foot wet lab facility. The facility is on the corner of Olympic and Trans Tech Drives, 12 minutes from the University of Georgia campus.