Supplier/Service Provider Terms and Agreement

All Suppliers are evaluated on a continuous basis with regards to the following:

  • Availability of materials
  • Materials ordered meeting Receiving Policy Criteria.
  • Quality of Product
  • Quality of customer/technical service.
  • Ability to rectify and offer acceptable resolution to non-conformances or complaints

All Service Providers are evaluated on a continuous basis with regards to their adherence to the following:

  • Availability to perform service (maintenance and repairs) in a timely manner in order to minimize down-time of a piece of equipment.
  • Ability to maintain calibration schedule as defined by ART.
  • Ability to provide quality repairs, maintenance, and/or calibration in adherence to their industries standards as well as ART’s QMS.

All External QC Testing Service Providers are evaluated on an “as used” basis. The evaluation will include the following:

  • Did the testing facility have a QMS in place?
  • If applicable:
    1. Did the testing facility provide ART with proof of calibration/validation of the equipment that will be used to perform the quality testing< - calibration must have been performed by an accredited service provider.
    2. Did the testing facility demonstrate that the personnel performing the test has been sufficiently trained in the test procedure as well as in the use of all instruments involved in the testing?
    3. Did the testing facility provide the test procedure, a list of reagents used, all data collected during the test and all results to ART prior to the testing laboratory receiving payment from ART
  • Was the testing facility used per customer request?

Results of these evaluations are continuously maintained. The results will serve as a means to identify and minimize potential risks involved with a particular product or a particular supplier.