Haptoglobin, Human Plasma, Mixed Type

1 mg
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MW: Hp 1-1: 86,000; Hp 2-1: 200,000; Hp 2-2: 400,000
Extinction Coefficient: 1.20

Salt-free lyophilized solid. Packaged and sold in 1 mg aliquots.

Storage: -20°C

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An acute-phase plasma protein found in human plasma at 100-300 mg per 100 ml. Binds hemoglobin, thus preventing loss of iron through the kidneys. Humans are polymorphic for haptoglobin, with three major phenotypes: Hp 1-1, Hp 2-1, and Hp 2-2. While the phenotypic distribution can vary greatly between ethnicities and geographic location, the Hp 2-1 phenotype is the most prevalent phenotype in humans. Plasma concentrations of haptoglobin are highest in individuals with Hp 1-1, intermediate in Hp 2-1 individuals, and lowest in Hp 2-2 individuals. Hp 1-1 is the most effective at binding hemoglobin, and Hp 2-2 is the least effective. This functional difference may be associated with the frequency and severity of epilepsy attacks, as researchers have found a correlation between recurring seizures and the Hp 2-2 phenotype.

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Purity: >=95% by SDS-PAGE

Product Citation:
Shimazaki, Youji, and Madoka Michhiro. "Analysis of trypsin inhibition activity in human plasma proteins after separation by non-denaturing two-dimensional electrophoresis." Clinica Chimica Acta (2013).

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Prepared from plasma shown to be non reactive for HBsAg, anti-HCV, anti-HBc, and negative for anti-HIV 1 & 2 by FDA approved tests.

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