Immunoglobulin G, Fab '2, Human Plasma

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MW: 110,000
Extinction Coefficient: 1.36

Frozen in 20 mM phosphate, pH 7.4, with 150 mM NaCl and 0.05% NaN3.

Storage: <= -20°C

F(ab’)2 is bivalent in relation to the antigen binding sites. It lacks the Fc region of the IgG molecule, making it a valuable tool in antibody studies in which binding of the Fc region is not desireable. In addition, when working with low affinity antibodies, bivalent F(ab’)2 is preferable to univalent Fab or Fab’ fragments given its higher association constant.

Purity: >=95% by SDS-PAGE. Single arc by IEP against antisera to whole human serum.

Prepared from plasma shown to be non reactive for HBsAg, anti-HCV, anti-HBc, and negative for anti-HIV 1 & 2 by FDA-required tests.

Athens Research & Technology products are laboratory reagents and are not to be administered to humans or used for any drug purpose. For research or further manufacturing use only.

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