Alpha 2 Antiplasmin, Human Plasma

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MW: 70,000
Extinction Coefficient: 0.703

Lyophilized from 20 mM Bis-Tris, pH 6.4, with 200 mM NaCl.

Storage: <= -20°C

Alpha 2 Antiplasmin, Human Plasma (Coagulation Factor)

Efficiently inhibits the plasminogen-activator-induced lysis of fibrin clots. Found in plasma at about 70 ug per ml. Alpha-antiplasmin-deficiency is a rare coagulation disorder which allows unrestrained fibrinolytic activity. Individuals with this condition may receive therapeutic A2AP prior to surgery to prevent postoperative hemorrhaging.

Purity: >=95% by SDS-PAGE

Activity: >= 5.0 U/mg

Prepared from plasma shown to be non reactive for HBsAg, anti-HCV, anti-HBc, and negative for anti-HIV 1 & 2 by FDA approved tests.

Athens Research & Technology products are laboratory reagents and are not to be administered to humans or used for any drug purpose. For research use only.

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