Plasmin, Human Plasma, Lyophilized

1 mg
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MW: 81,000 Da
Extinction Coefficient: 1.71

Lyophilized from 20 mM NaP04, pH 7.4, with 10 mg/ml D-Mannitol and 10 mg/ml NaCl.

Plasmin functions in fibrinolysis, fibrinogenolysis, as well as in the complement cascade. This protease has been prepared by using streptokinase to activate human plasma plasminogen.

Min. Activity (pre freeze/lyophilization): 15 units/mg protein
Min. Activity (post lyophilization): 10 units/mg protein
One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that hydrolyzes one umole of tosyl-Gly-Pro-Lys-pNA per minute at 25°C, pH 7.8.
Note: One unit=1.25 CU.

Storage: <= -20°C

Synonym: Fibrinolysin

Prepared from plasma shown to be non reactive for HBsAg, anti-HCV, anti-HBc, and negative for anti-HIV 1 & 2 by FDA-required tests.

Athens Research & Technology products are laboratory reagents and are not to be administered to humans or used for any drug purpose. For research or further manufacturing use only.

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